My Experience with OfficeVibe, and How It Addresses Employee Engagement

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I feel like I should start this post out stating that I am in no way affiliated with the OfficeVibe product. I simply want to write a review because it’s a pretty cool tool that is currently helping me identify areas of improvement with my team morale. In this article, I go over what the OfficeVibe service is, how it works, and how my team is using it.

What is it?

OfficeVibe is a software service designed specifically for measuring employee engagement. It has all the functionality you would expect. The survey asks specific questions geared towards topics like Health, Economics, Camaraderie, Overall Happiness, etc. And once the data has been collected, the results are packaged up and delivered through customizable reports.

Pulled from OfficeVibe Website

How Does it Work?

OfficeVibe can be used through email, but it also has a plugin for the communication platform Slack. If you are unfamiliar with Slack, that is another post for another time, but in a nutshell; Slack is a persistent messaging platform built for quick collaboration and efficient communication.

Slack also allows for Bots (Artificial Intelligence) to interface with it. This means independent software companies can program tools into the communication platform. That’s how OfficeVibe built their system. The bot they designed helps users take the quick survey by interacting with them inside the Slack platform. So, when I open Slack to interact with my team, I may see a message pending from the OfficeVibe bot containing my survey question. Having a native interface like this makes the survey questions easy to respond to.


If you don’t have slack, the email version works similarly. Instead of reaching out through Slack, the questions are emailed to the employee with a link to respond.

What makes this service different from other engagement services, is that OfficeVibe is set up to track a persistent and near real-time pulse of your team. It’s designed to address one of the biggest pitfalls typical Engagement Surveys have: Time/Cost (See my previous posts about short comings).

It does this by giving smaller surveys (1-5 questions) on a more frequent basis (1-2 weeks). This helps the person responsible for team engagement know what the team engagement level is at any given time. You can now monitor your teams stress levels throughout the year.

An added benefit of the near real-time results is that you now get instant feedback on engagement efforts. Previously it was difficult for me to experiment because I was trying to answer questions like, are the changes we implemented having the desired outcome? Are they making things worse? With this style of feedback loop, I feel like I have more flexibility to experiment and make adjustments quicker.

How we use it

We have OfficeVibe set up to ask 5 questions to everyone each week. The results are anonymous, and the survey is always optional. The questions are given at random, meaning not everyone gets the same questions as their coworkers that week. This provides a healthy spread of engagement area results.

We also have it set up to allow for commented feedback. The anonymity on this section is optional. We have found that the commented feedback is one of the most helpful parts of the survey. So much so, that all team administrators have banned together to respond to every piece of feedback we get. Even if the feedback is short, one of us will reply through the OfficeVibe tool with either clarifying questions or appreciation for the feedback. It’s always good to reinforce positive behavior. The tool helps ensure anonymity throughout the process, so there is no conflict.

We have our custom reports broken out into teams, where we can compare our engagement against the benchmark of other OfficeVibe users. Trophies are given for the level of engagement at any point in time. This gamifies the process and welcomes goal setting. As an organization, we have decided that we are going for Champion status (Top 10%).


Wrap up

For me, OfficeVibe is the answer to the question, “how do I keep a pulse on the happiness and engagement of my team?” I have only been using it for 3 months, but the results have been awesome. Coming from a system where we received engagement results every 2 years, having daily feedback has made this process so much easier.

We are starting the process of experimenting with custom questions as well as going through OfficeVibe’s library of improvement resources. I believe this is going to help my team and me substantially.

I hope this has peaked your interest enough to at least check out the site. If you choose to try it out, I look forward to competing against your team in the benchmarking J. As I said, I’m aiming for their champion trophy, and I am currently at Diamond  (Top 20%).

If you have experience with OfficeVibe or have a different system you would like to share, please feel free to do so in the comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.


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