About Me

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Hi, I’m Shaun Hall and I am the leader of a development team in Springfield Missouri. My team consists of 5 full time developers and 1 summer intern. Together we are responsible for building/maintaining a WCF service infrastructure, implementing 3rd party applications, and developing 1st party applications for the enterprise.

I started this blog because I want to pay it forward. In my young career, I’ve turned to the internet for solutions to many unique problems. In doing so I have picked up several indirect mentors that I follow on a weekly or monthly basis. Their advice has steadily shaped my way of thinking and has been critical in my career growth. Since so many people have influenced me in a positive way, my one goal is to become an influencer to someone else.

The content I plan to discuss is going to be a mix between development practices, internal IT processes, and general leadership strategies I find interesting. I am very passionate about these subjects, leadership in particular, and I hope that it bleeds through in my writing. I hope people enjoy the content I publish and comments are always welcome.



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