New Project:

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Hello fellow Techies. I am excited to announce the go-live of my latest project (the reason I have not been providing new content).

I started Techie Takeover because I wanted to write about supervising a team of software developers. As an idea, it seemed pretty straight forward.¬†However, I underestimated how much I really wanted to write about leadership. Specifically being a young professional and trying to lead members of the corporate community. That is why I am transitioning to this new site. I don’t know the future of Techie Takeover, but at this point, I am going to focus my efforts on Millennial Leader. I will always be a techie at heart, so I don’t¬†plan on fully abandoning it. I just don’t know how far in the future it will be until I start updating this site again.

This has been a great first experience but I am ready for the next one. So if you would like to follow my efforts, become a leader, or understand young professionals, please check out my new I’m excited!

It’s been a good one!


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